Sri Lanka’s Nenasalas successful despite high global telecentre failure
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Sri Lanka’s Nenasalas successful despite high global telecentre failure

The Nenasala Telecentres (wisdom outlets) set up island-wide including the North and East provinces have yielded remarkable positive results, despite high failure of telecentres in the international arena.

ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) CEO Reshan Dewapura says that Sri Lanka’s telecentre model ‘Nenasala’ is a live example of the successful implementation of the telecentre concept. The success of most of the telecentres set up in developing countries is only around 25 per cent. But in Sri Lanka the success of the Nenasala concept is more than 68 per cent. A comprehensive study is to be carried out to assess more exactly the percentage of success of the Nenasalas.

The 1000 Nenasala concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa as a measure for making the benefits of ICT reach all, the Nenasala project has shown its positive impact on the Sri Lankan society very tangibly. The ICT literacy has leapfrogged from a mere 4 per cent in 2004 to nearly 40 per cent today. Farmers, vegetable vendors, fishermen, students, teachers, to name a few, have made it their habit to check the Nenasala close to their residence to taste the benefits of ICT and follow a comfortable lifestyle.

The regional and international community, realizing  the place the Nenasala telecentre concept occupies in Sri Lanka as a flagship project has welcomed it as a model for many other countries. According to a survey, monthly more than 200,000 persons benefit from the Nenasalas set up island-wide.

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