Indian Telecentre Forum 2008
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Indian Telecentre Forum 2008

India is home to one of the largest numbers of ICT4D projects in the world. Most of them are ‘telecentre’ initiatives in rural contexts, based on public access to technology approach. Rural telecentre projects exploring the contextual use of new ICTs hold great promise, not only in areas of health, education, public service delivery, social security services and livelihoods but also in greater political participation, stimulating local knowledge systems, developing empowering social networks and encouraging a vibrant local media.


Critiques argue that most of these initiatives, including huge government-sponsored ones, have proceeded without a critical analysis of the social, economic and developmental objectives sought to be achieved in 'bridging the digital divide', and have been based on assumptions that ignore the social and economic complexities involved in this process.

The Indian Telecentre Forum 2008 (ITF 2008), fifth in the series of Telecentre Forums organised by CSDMS, will provide a platform for all key stakeholders representing the government, the private sector, the civil society, and funding agencies to join and discuss the achievements, challenges and the progress in the telecentre movement.

The forum will create a common ground for equitable learning which will facilitate a process of overall development of the country. It will shape the way forward for the telecentre movement within India, and make it an example for the world to learn from.

Key Themes Who will attend
  • A Close Examination of Telecentre Movement in India
  • Demystifying Social Enterprise Model
  • Discussions on Achieving Balance between Financial and Social Objectives
  • Asian Telecentre Leaders Knowledge Sharing Session
  • The Need of New Technologies and Innovations in the Areas of Content and Connectivity
  • Upgrading the Skills of the Grassroots Managers
  • Examining the Role of NGOs in Common Services Centres Programme.
  • Will Mobile Phones Take Over Telecentres?
  • Telecentre Practitioners and Telecentre Leaders
  • Technology Solution Providers
  • Social Investors
  • Researchers and Project Implementers
  • Private Sector Investors
  • Government Implementers
  • Funding Agencies
  • Content Developers and Consultants
  • Community Mobilisers





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